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Maryse had no idea that her tranquil life was going to be turned completely upside down. In a split second, she lost everything as the result of a house fire. Completely overwhelmed by this event, she just doesn't know where to start. One thing is certain, she must relocate immediately. What can she do? She needs comfortable and fully equipped temporary accommodation, where she can live during the reconstruction of her home. Arrow is the perfect temporary rental solution to get back to normal life as quickly as possible.

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From $65 / day
  • Uniform units
  • High quality standards
  • Full services
  • Fully equipped
  • Management by a corporation / customer service oriented
  • Fitness room, swimming pool, rrban BBQ, virtual golf ++.
  • Moderate occupation volume

Classified Ads

From $75 / day
  • Non-uniform units
  • Non-existent or variable quality standards
  • Limited services
  • Non-existent or inadequate equipment
  • Management by an individual / focused on profit
  • None or very few inclusions
  • Variable occupancy volume


From $125 / day
  • Uniform units
  • Variable quality standards
  • Full services
  • Limited equipment
  • Management by an individual / focused on profit
  • Fitness room, swimming pool, and lobby
  • High occupation volume

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