10 advantages of fully furnished short-term rental

Does your job require a lot of extended travel? Are you going through a separation? Are you victim of a disaster? Is your home under renovation? Are you a flight attendant, a member of the military, or a deployed journalist? Or a worker or architect assigned to a construction site for the duration of the project? Short-term rental is for you.

Here are 10 reasons to consider short-term rental.

1. Flexible and practical

Short-term rental only commits you for a minimum of 31 days. Because it’s shorter, it’s more flexible. In addition, there is no lease.

Your occupation of the premises is tailored to your needs, which reduces stress and worry. There’s no maximum rental period. After your initial contract with Arrow, you can extend by the day, week, or month. That’s great flexibility!

2. Fully furnished and move-in ready

All of Arrow’s rental units are fully furnished and fully equipped. Everything you need is there when you arrive: from garbage bags to utensils to sheets and towels. Even cable TV and unlimited high-speed Internet access are included. This is a real turnkey solution.

If you travel frequently on temporary contracts, simply relocating from one home to another is costly in terms of money and time. Short-term rental saves you all that trouble.

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3. Cheaper than going to a hotel

Staying at a hotel for a few days can be a fun change of pace. But when you have to live there for an extended period, the costs can become exorbitant quite quickly. Temporary home rental allows you to rent an apartment, condo, or house for 31 days or more, for less than a hotel stay.

As the unit is fully furnished and fully equipped, you can even cook instead of always eating at the restaurant. Another way to limit spending.

4. Quick and simple move-in

The process of renting and taking possession of a unit is very simple. First, contact one of our rental agents, who will help you choose a rental unit to suit your tastes and needs. Once the rental period has been determined, all you have to do is sign the contract.

All the paperwork is filled out quickly… and remotely. You can take possession of your rental unit on the date of your choice, on the very same day if necessary. Presto! Unpack your bags and settle in.

Une valise jaune à roulettes avec un chapeau sur le dessus, placée près d’un fauteuil.
At Arrow, you can move into your rental unit quickly, even on the same day.

5. Only one monthly payment, no utility bills

When you take a short-term rental at Arrow, you can forget about paying bills for various services such as electricity, high-speed Internet, cable, or common maintenance costs. Absolutely everything is included in the price of the unit.

6. Spacious, cozy, and welcoming

For frequent temporary travel, short-term rental offers much more space than a hotel room or even a suite. You have a real bedroom, a real office area, a real fully equipped kitchen, and outdoor space.

This is truly your very own home. You aren’t a guest or a customer, this is your home, with all the privacy that this allows. You can do what you want, when you want, and your comings and goings aren’t being watched.

Unlike at a hotel, you can entertain friends or clients without them being in the middle of your bedroom. You’ll enjoy the comfort of a real home and you’ll find that it’s much more welcoming than at a hotel.

Chambre à coucher spacieuse et lumineuse avec un très grand lit.
Arrow's accommodations are spacious, bright, and upscale.

7. Animals welcome

Pets are welcome. You can have your four-legged companion with you during your temporary stay. Even if your dog weighs more than 20 pounds, it can live with you, because some rental units accept larger dogs. A rarity on the market!

8. Autonomy

You’re home as soon as you open the door. You’ll find that an Arrow unit gives you a lot of autonomy.

Indeed, having your own fully equipped kitchen allows you to cook or reheat your favourite dishes whenever you want. In addition, the smells of your supper won’t haunt you in your sleep. Everything is there to make your life easier. Just think: a large fridge to store your meals and snacks, real dishes, a coffee maker.

In addition, you can entertain people without having to hang out in your bedroom.

Homme en train de regarder ce qui cuit dans le four.
: Having a fully equipped kitchen allows you to prepare delicious home-cooked dishes.

9. Recent, high-end units

All the Arrow units are recent constructions, soundproofed, air-conditioned, clean, and comfortable. Our short-term rental apartments, condos, and houses are high end and give you a lot for your money.

10. 24/7 service

There’s nothing better for true peace of mind than 24/7 service. Our maintenance team is always ready to intervene in case of breakage or damage. Your safety and comfort are a priority, and repairs are always carried out as soon as possible. Arrow even offers optional housekeeping services.

In conclusion

The benefits of short-term rental are numerous. The turnkey service, which ensures peace of mind, is certainly one of them. Arrow’s short-term rental apartments, condos, and houses are modern, impeccable, and fully equipped. Whether for a temporary or indeterminate period, Arrow is the answer to your temporary housing needs. Discover Arrow’s rental units in the Montreal and Quebec City regions.

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