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When it comes to relocating a policyholder, Sébastien is the contact person for all the claims adjusters in his company. He listens to requests and needs, and must pull out of his magician’s hat the best partner company specialized in relocation. The problem is that the products on the market are not all of equal quality, and he wants to offer his clients a solution that reflects the high standards of his company. What can he do? Enter into a partnership agreement with Arrow to provide his entire network and his clientele access to top quality housing and turnkey service. Arrow is the perfect temporary rental solution.

Compare the advantages of Arrow


From $65 / day
  • Uniform units
  • High quality standards
  • Full services
  • Fully equipped
  • Management by a corporation / customer service oriented
  • Fitness room, swimming pool, rrban BBQ, virtual golf ++
  • Moderate occupation volume

Classified Ads

From $75 / day
  • Non-uniform units
  • Non-existent or variable quality standards
  • Limited services
  • Non-existent or inadequate equipment
  • Management by an individual / focused on profit
  • None or very few inclusions
  • Variable occupation volume


From $125 / day
  • Uniform units
  • Variable quality standards
  • Full services
  • Limited equipment
  • Management by an individual / focused on profit
  • Fitness room, swimming pool, and lobby
  • High occupation volume

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