Temporary rental, hotel or Airbnb: Where to stay?

hôtel ou airbnb

Choosing where to stay

When it comes to finding a place to stay, it’s normal to hesitate between different accommodation options. We all want to make the best decision when it comes to the price and comfort of our stay.

It’s therefore important to take several factors into consideration: price, location, inclusions, and comfort. The three most popular accommodation options are hotel, Airbnb, and temporary rental. We will therefore analyze each situation for which you may need to find accommodation. But first, let’s define the three types of accommodation.

The various types of accommodation


Hotels are generally well located and offer various free services (fitness room, swimming pool, Internet) or paying services (laundry, movie rental, room service). From entry-level to very luxurious, hotels come in different price points and room categories. Of course, if you want a suite, you’ll have to dig deep in your pocket!

femme à l'hôtel à la réception


Popular for a few years now, Airbnb is a platform for renting private homes. Using the application or the Website, it is possible to rent a room in a home, an apartment, or even an entire house. Inclusions vary according to the property, and prices depend on location, type of rental, and peak periods.

Temporary rental

This type of rental property is by far the most unknown of the three. Temporary rental consists of renting a property (condo, house) for a period of more than 31 days. Unlike long-term rentals, short-term rentals offer you a turnkey product, in other words, furnished, fully-equipped accommodation with heat, lighting and Internet included.

Some short-term rental companies, like Arrow Rental, even offer new, quality units in real estate complexes with a ton of inclusions. Fitness, swimming pool, pool room, and virtual golf are just a few of them!

The price of a temporary rental varies according to the size and quality of the unit as well as on the duration of the rental. The longer the stay, the lower the price.

couple à côté de leur boîtes de déménagement sur leur ordinateur

Hotel, Airbnb or temporary rental: Which is the best option?

The best accommodation option depends on why you need a place to stay. Here are the best options depending on the reason for your stay.

Tourism travel

It all depends on the kind of vacation you want. If you want to stay in the city center, near restaurants and entertainment venues, a hotel is often the easiest solution. The large number of rooms available at the various hotels downtown offers greater availability than Airbnb in the heart of the city.

However, if you want to experience an authentic immersion during your trip, Airbnb is the preferred option. Staying in an individual’s home will allow you to live as a local resident for the duration of your visit. If you’re away from the city center, you’ll have the opportunity to discover restaurants and shops targeting the local population rather than tourists.

If you’re planning a stay of almost a month, we suggest you do some calculations to see if temporary rental would be a more advantageous option for you. Don’t forget that you could cook your own meals there, something you cannot do in a hotel! For a period of more than 31 days, temporary rental becomes the ideal option.

belle cuisine éclairée dans un condo meublé

Short-term business trip

The best accommodation option for a short-term business trip is very similar to that of tourism travel. Most of the time, during a short business stay, it’s normal that you want to be as close as possible to the reason for your visit. So you might be interested in hotel or Airbnb accommodation for the same reasons as previously stated.

However, don’t be too quick to rule out temporary rental. Take the time to calculate accommodation and food budgets based on the number of days of your trip and the number of people who will need to be accommodated.

Long-term business trip

When talking about a longer business trip, you need to calculate more in order to choose the best option in terms of value for money. If it’s a business trip of more than 31 days, temporary rental is unequivocally the most logical choice. Not only will you save money compared to the types of housing, but you’ll benefit from all the advantages that your unit offers you (washer/dryer, full kitchen, inclusions, etc.) In addition, temporary rental units are entirely at your disposal. You’ll therefore feel more comfortable than in an Airbnb, where some drawers/cabinets contain the owners’ belongings.

If the trip is less than 31 days, short-term rental can still be more advantageous. Renting a unit for a month could be more economical than staying three weeks in a hotel or Airbnb, for example. It must be taken into consideration that you will be able to cook for yourself and do your laundry in a temporary rental unit. This directly impacts the total cost of your stay.

grand salon et cuisine dans un airbnb


Whether you need to relocate due to the quick sale of your home, renovations, water damage or fire, new job, separation, or other special situation, it’s important to find a quick and easy accommodation solution.

There is nothing worse, when an unforeseen situation deprives you of your home, than to have to deal with the hassle of finding a place to stay. Most of the time, these situations take some time to resolve. A hotel can therefore be a good option for the first night, but quickly becomes uncomfortable. From a monetary point of view, hotels and Airbnb are also unsuitable for this kind of situation. Temporary rental therefore becomes the only possible option.

Temporary rental allows you to enjoy all the advantages of long-term rental, without the lease! Plus, this type of accommodation is all-inclusive, so you won’t need to pack boxes and organize a move. Appliances, furniture, dishes, bedding… it’s all there and well planned out! Simply bring your personal belongings to enjoy your stay. No landscaping or snow removal, no electricity or cable bills, temporary rental offers you peace of mind. Some companies, like Arrow Rental, even offer you the option to take care of housekeeping! Just bring your personal belongings and you’re all set!

In the end, the choice is yours!

Choosing accommodation for a trip or relocation may seem complicated, but it’s actually a personal choice. Certainly, the financial aspect is often the factor that weighs the most in the balance, but don’t neglect your comfort! In addition, don’t forget to calculate the savings that the possibility of making your meals will bring.

Whatever our situation, we invite you to take out your calculator and take into consideration the inclusions of each type of accommodation.


Arrow Rental

Arrow Rental  is the No. 1 temporary rental solution in Québec. Whether it’s for a relocation following a disaster, a new job, or a separation, Arrow is your solution. Thanks to our turnkey service, you will quickly feel at home.

Take a look at our selection of fully-furnished quality units  and choose your temporary place of residence. We also offer adapted services for people in convalescence or with reduced mobility.

For expert advice on temporary rentals, contact an Arrow advisor with confidence now!

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