The Best Summer Lodging Options for Quebec Snowbirds

Every year, many Quebec snowbirds leave Florida to come back to spend the summer in Quebec. These snow birds often find themselves looking for temporary accommodation in their home province. In this article, we will present the different accommodation options available to you and explain why temporary home rental is the wisest choice to make the most of your summer stay.

Opt for a permanent pied-à-terre in Quebec

In Quebec, many Quebec snowbirds prefer to maintain a main residence in the province to simplify their summer return. This solution has many advantages, such as the pleasure of finding a familiar environment, furniture and personal items each time you stay. In addition, it allows you to maintain a close link with your loved ones and to keep a fixed address for the various administrative procedures.

However, it is important to consider the expenses associated with this option. Indeed, the costs of maintenance, heating, insurance and property taxes continue to accumulate even when you are abroad. Thus, it is essential to carefully assess whether the benefits provided by a permanent pied-à-terre compensate for these additional costs. In some cases, it may be wiser to consider temporary alternatives to take full advantage of his summer stay without worrying about the responsibilities associated with the property.

Pied-à-terre, une option coûteuse pour les snowbirds québécois

Occasional rental of apartments and houses

The first possibility of accommodation for snowbirds is in the rental of apartments or houses. Many online platforms, such as Kijiji, LesPAC or Airbnb, make it easy to find properties to rent for varying periods, ranging from a few days to several months. This flexibility allows us to adapt to your specific housing needs. However, it may turn out difficult to find a property that meets your expectations, especially in terms of comfort, location and budget. Indeed, depending on the length of your stay, the costs for this type of accommodation can explode. In addition, competition with long-term tenants can make finding suitable housing even more difficult.

Louer un appartement pour snowbirds

Motels and hotels, an option for snowbirds?

Motels and hotels are a viable alternative for temporary accommodation. This option has the advantage of offering a certain degree of comfort and practicality thanks to the services offered, such as room cleaning and 24-hour reception. However, for a stay of several months, the costs can quickly become substantial and weigh on your budget. In addition, hotel rooms generally have a limited surface area, which limits living space and can compromise your comfort. In addition, they do not always have an equipped kitchen, which can constrain autonomy in meal preparation and make the stay of Quebec snowbirds less pleasant.

Hôtel et motel pour l'été

Temporary accommodation rental: the ideal choice for snowbirds

1. Flexibility and choice

Home rental offers a wide variety of accommodations, ranging from studios to single-family homes, allowing you to choose the space that suits you best. You can also select properties based on location, price, and amenities offered.

2. Comfort and privacy

Unlike hotels, home rentals give you the privacy and comfort of a real home. These rentals of more than 31 days, but less than a year, allow you to have your own kitchen, several rooms and living spaces that allow you to relax and fully enjoy your stay.

3. Savings

Although rental rates vary by property, temporary home rental is generallymore affordable than hotels, one-time rentals or a permanent pied-à-terre. In addition, having a kitchen allows you to save on meal costs by prepari

4. Local Experience

Home rental allows you to live as if you lived in a residential area of ​​Quebec. It gives you the opportunity to discover a new sector, meet the neighbors and participate in local activities!

5. Availability

By choosing temporary home rental, you also benefit from the availability and flexibility offered by Arrow Location. Snowbirds can book their accommodation in advance to ensure it will be available when they arrive and avoid any stress or uncertainty related to the search for accommodation. In addition, if you need to extend your stay, it is possible to negotiate an extension of your rental with the Arrow Location team. 

Tableau des avantages Arrow Location

The temporary rental therefore offers you all profits a long-term rental, without having to sign a rental contract! In addition, this type of accommodation is fully equipped, so you don't have to pack and move your belongings. Appliances, furniture, utensils, bedding… everything is already on site and well arranged! All you have to do is bring your personal items to fully enjoy your summer. No gardening hassles, no lawn mowing, no electricity or cable bills, temporary rental gives you peace of mind.

Some companies, such as Arrow Location, even offer theoption to provide housekeeping! All you have to do is come with your personal belongings, and everything is ready for you!

Conclusion: the ideal solution for Quebec snowbirds

Ultimately, temporary accommodation rental is the most attractive accommodation solution for Quebec snowbirds returning to Quebec for a period of more than 31 days. This option has many advantages, such as flexibility in choosing the duration and type of accommodation, the comfort of a private and customizable space, the privacy of a real home, as well as potential savings per compared to other alternatives. In addition, it allows you to live an authentic and enriching experience by immersing yourself in the culture and daily life of new neighborhoods. So, don't wait any longer and choose a home rental for your next summer season in Quebec!

Location temporaire Arrow

Arrow Location

Arrow Location is the number 1 temporary rental solution in Quebec. Whether you need to relocate following an unforeseen event, a job change, a separation or even if you are a snowbird, Arrow is there for you. Thanks to our comprehensive approach and our turnkey service, you will quickly feel at home.

Browse our range of fully furnished, high quality units to find your ideal temporary accommodation. We also offer tailor-made services for people in recovery or with specific mobility needs.

For advice on temporary rentals, do not hesitate to contact contacter un expert Arrow en toute sérénité dès aujourd’hui !

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