Temporary rental, a solution to the problem of housing temporary foreign workers

Travailleurs étrangers

The labour shortage.

The labour shortage phenomenon, which is currently hitting the province hard, is not going away. The government estimates that by 2030, 1.4 million jobs will need to be filled in Québec, while more than 25% of the population will be over 65 years old.

According to the Institut de la statistique du Québec, the unemployment rate in the province was 4.4% in September 2022. It can therefore be argued that Québec is experiencing a situation of full employment. However, many positions remain to be filled.

This shortage, which spares no region or sector, is a real challenge for contractors and employers looking for labour. Faced with this difficulty in hiring in Québec, more and more of them are turning to an alternative solution: temporary foreign workers.

Housing your foreign workers

While hiring foreign workers solves the problem of employee shortages, it is not without its share of challenges. The first to come to mind is accommodation. How are you to properly house your foreign workers?

Especially since Québec is currently going through a housing crisis. In June 2022, the Association des professionnels de la construction et de l’habitation du Québec estimated that there was a shortage of 100,000 housing units to meet the province’s demand. It goes without saying that finding an apartment or a house to house this additional workforce is not without effort.

Looking for a solution, some employers ask their employees to help them by housing their new colleagues. Others turned to hotels or motels. Some even go so far as to plan the construction of housing for their new workers. However, another solution is available to employers: temporary rental. Whether you need to house seasonal or permanent foreign workers, temporary rental offers interesting opportunities and advantages for employers.

Temporary foreign workers

Be it in industrial, restauration, agriculture, or other sectors, temporary foreign workers are a solution to a labour shortage for a specific project or during a busier time of year.

The housing solutions available to employers in such situations are not always suitable. Almost all housing is offered on a very short-term or long-term basis, which is not suited to the reality of seasonal foreign workers.

Chambre d'hôtel

Hotel rooms

Renting hotel or motel rooms on a long-term basis is not a very viable solution for foreign workers. Although some chains offer a substantial discount for long stays, this solution is still the most expensive. In addition, in most cases, this type of accommodation does not offer a kitchen and living room, not to mention laundry. The quality of life of seasonal workers is therefore not optimal. This could influence their productivity and make them not want to return in the future. It is always advantageous to have temporary foreign employees who come back year after year. These require less explanation and training.


Renting a property on Airbnb may seem viable, but it must be noted that the availability of these properties is rarely for an entire season and that this option would be one of the most expensive.


Long-term lease

Signing a long-term lease for an apartment or rental condo may then seem like a better option. The first challenge is then to find available accommodation close to the workplace! Then, employers have to pay the rent throughout the year, even in the months they don’t use it. It is also necessary to pay for home insurance, Internet as well as electricity and heating. In addition, unless they manage to find a fully furnished apartment, the employer will have to outfit it from A to Z. So, we’re talking not only about costs, but also about a lot of time to invest if you choose this option.

Calculer ses investissements

Temporary rental

Temporary rental
is the best of both worlds. It combines the flexibility and ease of hotels with
the amenities of a long-term lease. Whether renting a condo or a house,
temporary rental is the best solution for those who wish to rent for a period
of more than 31 days. Unlike long-term rentals, short-term rentals offer you a
turnkey product, that is to say furnished accommodation, fully equipped, with
heat, electricity and Internet included. It should also be taken into
consideration that foreign workers can do their own cooking and laundry in a
temporary rental unit. This directly impacts their expenses and quality of
life. Some companies, such as Arrow Rental, also offer the option to take care
of housekeeping!

Arrow Rental even suggests new quality units in real
estate portfolios offering a ton of inclusions. Fitness room, swimming pool,
pool lounge and virtual golf are just a few of these! For longer-term volume
contracts, there is even the possibility of Arrow Rental buying buildings and adapting
them according to the needs of its customers.

The price of a temporary rental varies according to
the size and quality of the unit as well as to the rental period. The longer
the stay, the lower the price. 

Condo locatif

Permanent foreign workers

Sometimes the need for temporary employees becomes permanent. Receiving a foreign worker permanently is a process that requires a lot of effort and determination. This is why contractors and employers who decide to go ahead with this process should not take on added stress for housing their new foreign employees.

The arrival of permanent foreign workers does not necessarily occur around July 1. The number of long-term rental properties can therefore be significantly low. Let’s not forget that we’re currently experiencing a housing crisis. If the employer tries to accommodate his new employee, who probably does not have a vehicle, by looking for housing close to the workplace, the chances of finding the rare pearl are almost nil.

A two-pronged solution

The best solution then seems to be to house the new residents temporarily until the ideal home becomes available on the market. Since this wait is not determined in advance, a hotel/motel room is not an option, nor is Airbnb.

Until permanent foreign employees can sign a long-term lease, the best solution is therefore temporary rental. These units, furnished, fully equipped, with heat, electricity and Internet included, will allow new residents to feel at home, from their very first day on Québec soil. As mentioned beforehand, Arrow Rental even offers inclusions such as fitness room, swimming pool and other leisure facilities in addition to a housekeeping option. Enough to make newcomers feel on vacation!

In conclusion, think about your employees!

Whether you are a contractor or an employer, if you have chosen to use foreign labour, it’s because you need it. These employees sacrifice their loved ones in the hope of improving their financial condition. You’re not doing them a favour when you hire them; you’re filling a shortfall in your business. Treat your foreign employees accordingly. Don’t be part of the horror stories of employers who have housed their foreign workforce in miserable conditions. Mold has never been a motivational factor. Consider their well-being and house them in a temporary rental unit like those at Arrow Rental. Think of it as an investment in their quality of life, loyalty, and productivity!

Arrow Rental

Arrow Rental is the Number One temporary rental solution in Québec. Whether following a disaster, for a corporate relocation, or for your temporary foreign workers, Arrow is the solution for you. Thanks to our turnkey service, your employees will quickly feel at home.

Take a look at our selection of quality fully furnished units and choose your temporary place of residence. We also offer adapted services for people in convalescence or with reduced mobility.

For expert advice on fully furnished temporary accommodation, contact an Arrow consultant with confidence.

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